SM4RTENANCE will facilitate a neutral cross-sectorial data space for the manufacturing industry, where data can be provided by the different stakeholders, services provider, manufacturer, OEM customer, interacting along the complete asset lifecycle to operate maintenance services.



SM4RTENANCE mission is to connects key ecosystems, standards, experimentation facilities and data space development building blocks with the aim to secure growth and economies of scale for future multi-stakeholder predictive maintenance and supply chain data spaces across their full lifecycle, adopting common European data space principle, technical infrastructures, vocabularies, data models and business agreements.



Define a harmonised data space portal and blueprint for a data space continuum

Increase data space customers access transparency to data products, services and computing resources across EU

Deploy an operational data space federation and multilateral data value chains

Establish the industrial agreements to ease the participation of users in multiple data spaces

Increase data sharing across manufacturing companies and with service providers

Assure alignment with European data space, circular transformation and AI guidelines, recommendations and values


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